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Ron’s Story

It was 1985 and Ron Seyk was about to turn 40 years old. He had spent twenty years of his life in electrical control sales and marketing doing everything according to his desires. But that was about to take a full 180 degree turn as Ron was fired from his job, had absolutely no money and was pretty much a loner with no real relationships. He was at the bottom of life’s journey when an acquaintance invited him to his church one Sunday. With nothing to lose, Ron accepted the invitation and visited the little white church next to the covered bridge in Long Grove, IL. The Senior Pastor gave a message that made Ron feel it was directed specifically for him. Ron attended the church for several weeks, and with each new message something began to stir inside his broken spirit.

The following month, the men of this church were going on a weekend retreat in Wisconsin. Ron could not afford to attend, but the same friend that brought him to church offered to pay his way. Well, that weekend was a life changing experience for Ron. On Saturday afternoon as all the men attending were standing in a circle praying, something happened to Ron and he prayed a prayer accepting Jesus as his Lord and Savior. What Ron experienced is difficult to describe; it was like a bolt of lightning entered his very person, resulting in a calmness that he had never known. Earlier in his life, as a youth attending a Christian camp, Ron had the opportunity to cast a piece of wood into a fire as giving his life to Christ. As only God can design, that camp experience was within two miles of his new adult experience.

Relationships began to form and life started to take on new meaning. Soon a business opportunity presented itself that became a job and by God’s grace, eventually Control Associates & Mfg. was born.

Control Associates & Mfg. was incorporated in 1986 and began operations as a high-volume control panel assembler for a new industrial high speed door manufacturer. Our focus was not on building engineered products, but engineering the products to be easily built. That process aided us in the development of programs and procedures for cost effective control panel assembly in a lean JIT manufacturing environment. These same basic procedures are still being used today, over 30 years later.

As an innovator with industrial automation experience and now an understanding of the door market, Ron directed his attention to value added product development. In 1989, the Digital Gateway dedicated door logic controller was introduced. It brought a new level of user-friendly operation and acceptance to an industry stuck in functional-only designs. The DG is still being produced today giving it an active life of 28 years. In the years to follow, we also developed and produced the Dynalogix and UltraSmart door controllers, each built specifically for our OEM clients.

In 1999, BTR Controls was formed by Ron and another engineering professional to develop a custom dedicated industrial controller based on distributed control architecture with modular components.

In 2003, the two companies merged to become the present day BTR Controls, Inc.

In 2008, the world changed and a new vision was necessary. Ron decided to develop technically advanced door control products that would lead and change the industrial door industry. This resulted in a 9 year process that has led to the development of the Digital Gateway II integrated variable speed door controller, the DG-Mini door controller, the SeyWave wireless safety/activation system, the Illumadoor LED signaling system, cloud based data monitoring and most recently a UPS system designed specifically for motors.

Our corporate offices, engineering and manufacturing are conveniently located in a 15,000 Sq. Ft. facility in Elgin, Illinois. From development to manufacturing, our team of professionals is ready to serve your needs with market changing ideas and products.