BTR Controls has served the industrial door industry for 27 years with game changing products like the: Digital Gateway, Digital Gateway II, Dynalogix & UltraSmart door controllers. We are focused on helping our OEM clients achieve a market leading position with innovative technology and superior service.

We currently offer an array of products that are available for branding or customized to your specific market needs. In addition, we our design team can be your partner for new product development, again to meet your specific market requirements.

Our current product offering:

The Digital Gateway door controller has a proven history since 1989 for easy user friendly operation. It was designed specifically for industrial doors.

The Digital Gateway II advanced variable speed door controller with SeyWave wireless technology. The DG II is designed to insure optimal energy efficient operation for all industrial door designs.

The DG-Mini is a compact version of our proven DG II integrated variable speed door controller. It includes our SeyWave® wireless technology and carries a maximum rating of 2 HP.

The BTR encoder is designed to operate with our DGII door controller. It offers both absolute and pulse generation outputs for complete monitoring of industrial door operation.

LED light strips with Red/Green/Amber colors in an Aluminum housing for safe visible signaling of door, dock or equipment operation.

Wireless door sensor, remote pushbuttons and pull cord for connecting to any door or gate control system. Standard with Digital Gateway II and DG-Mini door controllers.

Our advanced SeyWave® technology on an FCC licensed module for incorporation into any OEM design. On-board processor simplifies custom applications.