System Description

The SeyWave® System is designed to provide wireless connection of our safety sensor and remote pushbuttons with all known door and gate controls. It interfaces directly with our DGII and DG-Mini controllers or with our Host Module for retrofit of all door and gate operators. It is an FCC and IC licensed system operating on the 2.4 GHz band for global acceptance. Our proprietary SeyWave®technology ensures ultra-low power consumption for extended battery life with long range signal capability in typical industrial environments. One sensor module and up to 20 pushbutton stations can be connected to each SeyWave® Host for retrofit or directly to our DGII or DG-Mini controllers. Multiple installations within the same area can coexist without interference.The system is CUR 325 listed.

Host Module

The Host Module connects with the Molded Sensor and/or remote pushbuttons for retrofit to any existing door or gate controller. It allows for wireless connection of reversing edge (monitored), breakaway, open, close, stop and open/close functions. A separate input accepts a closing signal from the connectedcontroller which ensures confirmation of the closing motion of the connected door or gate. Two LED’s assist in system setup plus indicate fault condition and low remote battery. The Host is housed in a convenient DIN mounting enclosure or is available in a separate UL listed Type 4X enclosure.

Molded Safety Sensor

The Molded Sensor provides connections for one monitored input and up to two unmonitored inputs. It is designed with the latest motion sensing technology and full two-way communication thus ensuring complete functionality according to published agency guidelines. Each sensor is custom molded to provide maximum protection from the environment while maintaining a small footprint. The Molded Sensor is CUR 325 listed.


  • Wireless Open-Close-Stop pushbutton station
  • Status LED for Indication
  • Stop Function is Monitored
  • Powered from Standard AA Batteries
  • UL Type 4X Enclosure

Palm Operator

  • Wireless Palm Operator
  • 90 mm Diameter
  • Powered from Standard AA Batteries
  • UL Type 4X Enclosure

Pull Cord

  • Wireless Ceiling Pull Cord
  • 11 lb Pull – Able to Handle Heavy Cords
  • Powered from Standard AA Batteries
  • UL Type 4X Enclosure

4 Button Handheld Remote

  • Wireless Handheld Remote
  • Operates 1 to 4 doors or gates
  • Powered from Standard AA Batteries
  • Rubber boot