The BTR Control System Design Advantage

  • Custom Designs at Affordable Costs For Any Size OEM
  • Application Specific Controller and Software
  • Customer Determined Product Life Cycle
  • Improve Product Operation and Performance
  • Responsive to Customer Needs

Today, our business environment has become more challenging than ever. It is not only enough to build products; we need to look at a global economic climate that directs us to reinvent our business. We have decisions to make like stay with the status quo or become a leader in our target markets.

On the surface, cost reductions have been achieved by utilizing standard “off-the-shelf” controls such as operator interfaces, programmable controllers and I/O. Programmable control devices are great for some applications as those where functionality is constant but the physical interfaces are changing. But there is also an underlying dilemma; easy software changes for the OEM can also be easy for their customer and that opens the possibility for undocumented and unauthorized reprogramming without regard to product design. Additionally, “off-the-shelf” products never seem to quite satisfy all of the equipment or application requirements. There are either more functions offered than necessary or not enough functions to satisfy design criteria, which ultimately forces a compromised solution.

With a custom controller, like our Dedicated Distributed Controller, the hardware is configured and a proprietary program is written specifically for the machine or process. Predefined menu driven options are added for maximum versatility while variables are easily accessed through specifically defined keys on the keypad. Meaningful messages on the display simplify setup and maintenance. Specific options or functions can be a part of the main software or a purchasable option through plug-in Smart Modules. Custom graphics with operational information on both the Main Panel and Smart Modules complete the dedicated device.

The overall look remains the same from product generation to generation, providing continuity of operation over many years of service. There is little need for a complicated electrical schematic or detailed instruction manual to operate or troubleshoot your product.

Custom controllers are best suited to satisfy cost reduction objectives while providing enhanced features and functions that exactly match the OEM’s equipment and application requirements—without compromise.

For further comparison, see our document: “Custom Vs “Off-the-Shelf”